Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Providence Christian College, Class of 2011

The first weekend of May, I had the privilege to go down to Providence to watch some of my best friends graduate from college.  I waited with excitement and anxiety about this week.  It was exciting to be part of such a special weekend for my friends, but it was also difficult to grasp that I wasn’t graduating with them.  I knew that after that weekend, my ties with Providence would be broken.  Yes, Providence will always be a huge part of my life, but it’s not the same school anymore. 
  • they moved from Ontario to Pasadena
  • they no longer have 4Ws…they have Adovahs
  • there is no Hesed hall, they have quads
  • there are no handprints outside the rooms
  • there isn’t a globe in the middle of campus
  • the people are different
Part of me is so sad that nothing is the same anymore, but I am so thankful for the two years that I did have.  I was blessed with amazing friends who I know will be good friends for a long time. 

Moving on.  My trip was short and sweet.  I started my drive on Friday morning and made it to Pasadena early in the afternoon.  On Friday night there was a dinner for all the seniors and their families and friends.  I got to spend time with Rachel and her family during dinner.  I enjoyed catching up with the Fleemans and hearing all about Rach’s wedding plans. 

After dinner was senior celebration.  They presented academic awards, sang, had a slideshow, and heard a few of the professors talk.  It was a very joyous night filled with a lot of old memories.  After senior celebration, a bunch of us went out for drinks at a local pub.  It was fun to catch with some more people and hear about everyone’s plans for next year. 

Saturday morning was graduation.  The ceremony was beautiful.  It was very personal and uplifting.  After the ceremony, I went to lunch with Lorah and her family to celebrate.  I loved hanging out with them and spending some extra time with Lorah.  After lunch we headed back to campus and I packed up my things to head for home.  Since the next day was mother’s day, I wanted to make sure that I was home to be with my mom. 

My beautiful friends that both graduated summa cum laude

 Congrats to Providence Christian College, Class of 2011. 

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