Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back On Track

WOAH!  I sure have been lacking here in blogland!  I was out to dinner tonight with a friend who mentioned my blog and asked how often I update it.  I was sure that I had just posted a blog not too long ago, but now I see that I was completely wrong about that.  So here I sit on my comfy bed all wrapped up in my blankets and with a little drinky (I love a good glass of Bethenny Frankel’s skinny girl margarita!).    

Life has been pretty hectic the last few weeks.  I was just moved to a new department at work.  I am now an appliances sales associate!  I had been working in operations for over a year and a half.  I have the type of personality that likes to keep on learning new things.  I felt like I had learned everything that I could in ops so I was excited to be moving on to something new.  This is my third week in appliances.  My first week consisted of training.  I was scheduled with another associate the whole week.  The past two weeks I have been flying solo for the most part.  I get a bit stressed every once in a while when I can't figure something out.  My favorite part of working in this new department is the customer interaction.  I encountered some pretty awesome people while I was a cashier, but actually having the time to talk to the customers and get to know them is so awesome.  The one downfall of this job is that I now know all the top of the line benefits in appliances and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to buy cheap things. 
With this new department has come new hours.  I have been working about 30 hours a week plus going to school, doing all of my church stuff, and trying to squeeze in a social life.  Even though life is hectic right now, I am so happy.  I haven’t felt like this in quite some time.  It’s so nice to finally feel like my life is back on track again.