Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Color The Skies

This year I attended the 5th Annual Color The Skies event in Ripon.  Color the Skies is a hot air balloon festival that raises money for Children’s Hospital of Central California.  It's held on Labor Day every year.  Last year I actually worked at the festival. [Best Buy is one of the sponsors]  It was the first time that I had the opportunity to go.  Every other year, I was either busy or away at school.  Since I didn’t have to work this year, my dad and I decided to go.  
All of the day’s festivities started at 6am with a pancake breakfast sponsored by Savemart.  I am a big fan of a yummo pancake breakfast.  However, due to the lack of taste in this food and the price, my dad and I decided to pass.  That morning my dad and I set forth on our early morning trek towards Mistlin Sports Park.  We stopped a few of the booths, including the Best Buy booth with a bunch of my coworkers.  After that we headed over to watch the balloons lift off.  It was a wonderful time to take out my camera and experiment with the different settings.

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